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Spiritual treatment (Rohani Ilaj) is most important for whose people who have suffering such disease, which medical science cannot has no any cure or treatment, such as depression, kidney failure, asthma, mental disorder, disabilities, arthritis, phobia, cancer, insomnia, diabetes, nightmares, claustrophobia, domestic violence, other family issues, pregnancy problems, financial issues, unemployment, loss in business, internal health problems (men & women), stones, piles, heart problems, evil spirits, jinn, black magic, etc.Allah Subhana wa Taala has created a treatment for every illness. The medicine will only work as long as it is Allah’s will. If it is not Allah’s will that a person should get better, then no medicine in the world will heal that person. For Muslims, an illness is a great blessing and reward from Allah. But in this illness there is also a great trial for us.

We should be thankful to Allah in all conditions especially in sickness. We should be patient and happy with whatever Allah has written for us. We should never become disheartened and utter anything which we may regret later. Allah forbid that we should start saying “Am I the only person Allah could find to make ill?”, “I am cursed with bad luck!”, and other words to these effect. With such words a believer keeps losing his faith in Allah.

If you have any (Breaking Black Magic / Protection from Black Magic) Bandish on your peace & Happiness, Family or Business or people are jealous of your prosperity which you or your family members may feel sometime or If you have any type of problems like work problems, engagement problems, marriage problems, family problems, Business problems, child problems, etc. or you are already grabbed in any fraud’s hands then you can call me without any hesitation or tension. You can contact us and In sha Allah we will try our best to solve your problem.

ALLAH pak ney Quran kareem ko shifa qaraar diya ha. Quran kareem main jahan rohani beemarin ka ilaj mojood ha wahan ye kitab jismani beemarion ka bhi madawa krti ha. Bohat dafa esa hota ha kay kisi ko koi araza lahaq hota hi aur ilaj per kaseer raqam kharach kerny k bawajood afaqa ni hota halake Quran kareem main is beemari ka asan ilaj mojood hota ha. Jismani amraaz ke liye doctors miljate hain magar ruhani bimariyon ka na saheeh ilaji ka sab ko ilm hota hai aur na hi iske saheeh mu’alijeen ka. Ye mu’ashre ki khidmat key leye hum ny islami taeemat ki roshni main maslon ka ilaj dhonada hi. Is kare khair key leye Allah pak mari maded karin “Ameen”.

Numerology Name Change Guidance


In order To improve your Luck and provide you with positive energy, To enhance the chances of your Success in Career or Family Life you must have the right name that reflects your personality and life style.

You can contact us For Complete Numerology Advice Via Email or Phone. Your Numerology Report will include Complete Details and Secrets about your Date of Birth, Secrets about your Destiny Number, Your Lucky Numbers, Your Lucky Colors, Your Compatibility Numbers, Your Lucky Days . and for sure YOUR NAME CHANGE BASED ON NAME NUMEROLOGY

Numerology New Born Baby Names


It is very important for new born babies that they are given names as per numerology this ensures positive vibrations for the baby right from the start and throughout his /her lifetime.

Free Rohani Ilaj: Choosing the perfect baby name is one of the most important things you will ever do for your child. A numerology based baby name will create intelligent qualities such as leadership, generous, reliable, intellectual and many more. You will certainly look for child future having minimum obstacles. The purpose of numerology consultancy for baby name is to develop a harmony and relativity between the baby’s name and the baby’s inner potential.

Rohani ilaj Marriage Compatibility with Numerology


The compatibility is checked not only before the marriage but also after the marriage especially when the surname changes. A Famous saying goes that key to a success is marrying right.We can analyse the relationship between two persons which is calculated from the exact time and place of birth for maximum accuracy.

We can help in Intuitive and mature analysis of trends in your love life.

 Spiritual Treatment Rohani ilaj for Medical Problems


We may help you if medicines are not working for your disease, we will help you find why you are sick and why medical science is fail for your disease.

Contact us for medicine free treatment depending on nature of your disease

For any specific spiritual service or guidance please contact us.



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