How a Muslim Husband should treat his wife?

In our social setup, every family has a unique position that serves as a building block for the society. Each family consists of different relationships, which play an important role in order to live a happy life. The relationship between husband and wife are of great value among all. Hence, this particular relationship is discussed here related to the behavior of a Muslim husband.

Muslim Husband and his behavior

There are different responsibilities that a Muslim husband must observe while treating his wife according to the teachings of Islam. It is considered as a good gesture to spare some time from your daily schedule and help your wife in her household duties. However, while helping your wife you must not interfere in her matters regarding management of household responsibilities. Apart from this, you should also try to spend quality time with your children and wife. This would strengthen your marital bond and help to lead a happy matrimonial life.

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In the eyes of Islam, a good husband is that who is kind and loving. Following Hadith is given below as a reference.

“The most perfect of the believers in faith is the best among them in moral excellence and the best of you are those who are kindest to their wives.”

In addition to this, a husband must try to fulfill legitimate desires, which are not prohibited in our religion. You must talk to your wife in a soft tone and share such feelings with her that may enhance love between both of you.

It is a reality that every person has some negative as well as positive aspects. Hence, you cannot become a perfect husband but at least it is possible to become an exemplary one. Similarly, there might be some habits of your wife that you don’t like. Therefore, you should not need to change her personality forcefully rather it is advised to compromise over such things. On the contrary, if such a behavior of your wife is against the teachings of Islam or amounts to disobedience then you can act strictly to alter her behavior.

If Allah has blessed you with a loyal and obedient wife, you must forgive her for the unintentional mistakes committed by her. Don’t try to find errors in your wife, since there is no one perfect in this world. On the other hand, look for those good aspects in her that makes her an essential part of your marital life.


You should refrain from scolding your wife especially in front of others as in this case you may heart her feelings and most probably make your matrimonial life miserable. Possessiveness of a husband regarding his wife is a sign that how much he loves her. However, you should not exhibit it to extreme limits as it may damage the modesty of your wife.

After you come back home from the office or work, greet your wife and family with Salaam and ask them how was there day. To become a good husband you must treat your wife in a manner prescribed by the teachings of Quran and Sunnah.


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