Meaning of a term “Mahr”

The term Mahr literally means a reward or a gift for a woman if she enters into a valid contract of marriage with a Muslim man. It is a token of appreciation for a woman who gives herself and her services to a person with whom she has been married.

As far as the type of thing that can be given as a Mahr is concerned, there are no specific guidelines in this regard. However, the Mahr can be anything that is considered as valuable like money, property or any ornament. The wife is the owner of such things, which are given in shape of a Mahr and it is necessary to physically hand over the amount or valuable thing to the bride.MahrinIslamWisdom-and-Implications

Mahr can be paid in two different ways, as prescribed by the Islamic Law (Fiqah). The Mehr-Moajjal is required to be paid at the time of marriage and it is not permitted to consummate the marriage prior to the payment of Mehr Moajjal. While in case of Mehr Muwajjal the payment of Mehr can be made at any time after the marriage, therefore it is also known as deferred type of a Mehr.

It is the privilege of a woman that she can refuse to take Mahr by exercising her free will or in other words, she waives her right regarding Mehr. It is to be noted here that if such a woman is forced to waive her right to receive Mehr, then it would not be considered as a valid contract of marriage.



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