Mahr-An integral part of Muslim marriage

“Mahr” is the obligatory element of a Muslim marriage and in its absence a legitimate marriage cannot take place. This term is also mentioned in Holy Quran as Sadaqah and Ajr. The literal meaning of Mahr is a reward or gift, which is given to a bride by her husband at the time of Marriage. Allah commanded in holy Quran to pay Mahr and made it an integral part of a Muslim marriage. Following verse is quoted as under to guide you in this regard.

“Give Women their Faridah as a free gift.”

Mahr is given to a woman in shape of money, property or any valuable thing that a husband can provide. It becomes the sole property of a wife and husband cannot demand it back or use it for his own purpose. Mahr is consideration for the services provided by a woman to her husband. After getting married, a woman gives herself to her husband and in return, the husband pays her consideration in shape of Mahr.



Amount of Mahr

As far as the amount of Mahr or value of a property given in this context is concerned, it should be fixed in accordance with the financial status of the husband. Moreover, a woman can ask for a specific Mahr for showing her willingness to marry any Muslim Man.

Ownership of a Mahr

As stated above, mahr is owned by a women who enters into a valid contract of marriage. The amount of Mahr can be specified in such a contract and the husband is bound to pay it before consummation of marriage or at later stage as the case may be. Allah has clearly commanded in the holy Quran regarding payment of Mahr.

“Women are lawful to you provided that you take them in marriage and not fornication. As those through whom you profit (through marriage), give them their faridah as appointed. (2:24-Quran)

Can a woman refuse to take Mahr?       

It is the sweet will of a wife to waive her right to receive Mahr. However, it is not permitted that a women is forced to relieve her husband from the burden of Mahr. It is her right and she possesses the authority to demand it from her husband.


How to pay Mahr

There are two ways, in which Mehr can be paid to a wife by her husband.

  • Mahr Muajjal
  • Mahr Muwajjal

Mahr muajjal is given to a woman at the time of marriage and there should not be a delay in this regard. ‘Muajjal’ is derived from the word “Ajilah” that means ‘without delay’. In this case, wife has a right to receive the amount of Mahr before consummation of marriage and she can annul the marriage if her husband refuses to pay it at the time of marriage.

Mahr Muwajjal on the other hand is a deferred amount that is to be paid by the husband after a certain period or in case of divorce. It is necessary to mention here that the time specified to pay the Mahr must not be an indefinite one. In case a husband dies or pronounces divorce, his widow or divorcee would be entitled to receive a settled amount of Mahr.



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