How to become a good Muslim wife

There are many duties and responsibilities that a Muslim wife should fulfill in order to become an exemplary life partner. She must take good care of her husband and children to live a peaceful and harmonious marital life. Moreover, she must try to make her husband happy by paying due respect to his liking and disliking. Some other factors that can prove helpful in becoming a good wife are explained as under.

Make sure to look pretty

Islam has given a right every Muslim wife to take care of herself and look pretty to please her husband. Therefore, you must keep your body in a good shape and beautify yourself to gain the attention of your husband. Wear clean and attractive dress and keep your body neat by taking shower every day. You can use perfume as well and beautify yourself by utilizing what your husband has provided you. However, you must not spend huge amount of money to beautify yourself as it may cause financial trouble for your husband.


Always give a warm welcome to your husband when he returns home

When your husband arrives home after daily work, you must greet him with Salam and ask him about his day at job site or in office. Try to make him comfortable and provide him with everything he requires. The meal should be ready and you should serve it in time every day. Make a list of those things that your husband likes to eat and wear only those colors, which suit your personality. Talk to him in a soft and lovely voice and show obedience to his every order if it is not against the teachings of Islam. You must try to show him through your conduct that how much you love him and make sure that he enjoys your company.


Let him seek sexual satisfaction

You must keep in mind the sexual aspect of your married life as it is of great importance if you are willing to live a happy married life. Both wife and husband should facilitate each other to attain sexual satisfaction. Therefore, you must never say no to your husband if he is in need to satisfy his sexual need. However, you can ask him to stay away from you during monthly periods or in case you are physically not in a position to perform sexual intercourse.

Show your utmost devotion and loyalty towards your husband

In order to win the heart of your husband you must remain loyal towards him in any prevailing circumstances. It is your moral and religious duty to stand by himself and provide him with any kind of assistance he may require. Moreover, you should not indulge into immoral activities as it is considered as a major sin in Islam. By following the teachings of Quran and Sunnah, you can seek love and true companionship of your husband.

Islam has discussed all the matters regarding a married life, which can help you to live a satisfied and contended matrimonial relationship. Hence, what you have to do is that always pay respect your husband and try to bring happiness in his life.



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